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Movie going has always been a favorite pastime for enjoyment by all ages. As the years and technology moved on, the big theaters morphed into multiplexes and movies became a source to get a captive audience to view big screen commercials before their chosen feature.

Now Audience Entertainment has created a way to make the dreaded ads into exciting interactive games for movie goers to participate in as they wait for the big picture to begin.

Audience Entertainment makes viewers part of the screen action.

Years ago folks would sit for an entire day taking pleasure in watching double features with no ads and enjoying cartoon shorts as part of the fun movie going experience. The sound of talking over advertisements have replaced the fun cartoons leaving people stressed out as they sit in anticipation for the movie to begin.

Advertisers have taken notice and are now using their ads as a way to engage the audience in interactive fun and competition. Traditional ads will be changed to ads with an interactive component to them when this technology goes broad in the theaters.

  • Through fun movement in their chairs, like moving left or right or waving arms, the new ads will allow the audience to determine the outcome of the ad.

Major advertisers, and their participants, have enjoyed successful case studies.

As theaters await to implement the new technology, case studies have proven that the audience is excited to literally become part of the entertainment experience.

AE Case: Volvo XC70 LaunchEnjoy watching the audience as they take on their role as human joysticks in a Volvo interactive gaming experience steering a virtual Volvo to score points and win.

Samsung Case Study AESamsung has folks waving their hands in the air in a game to compete to see how many Galaxy 3 smart phones they can get to share content by tapping phones together as they appear on the screen.

AE and Volkswagen play together in ShanghaiAudiences in China got to compete in a race controlling Volkswagen's Golf and Scirroco by waving their arms to keep the cars on a track.

Audience Entertainment offers a treat to those visiting their site.

As explained on the website "Audience Entertainment is about interactive storytelling for the connected, digital era. It’s about reaching out directly to the audience, using technology to harness the power of the group... Choose the trailers you want, interact with advertising messages, and even select a preferred ending for the main feature."

  • Aching for a taste of interactive fun, simply visit the website to experience an Audience Entertainment production, choosing your own story for "Gemini II".

By the end of 2014 this fun technology will be in hundreds of theaters in the US and as well as hundreds more globally. Soon people will be racing to the movie theater to make sure they do not miss the exciting action before their movie feature even begins. Stay tuned for the exciting fun to come to a theater near you.

As the times change so do entertainment experiences. Relish the past while embracing the new excitement to come. Never be afraid to dance.