Interactive Cosmote Campaign opens BonJovi Concert


Greek mobile carrier Cosmote sought to bring the experience of mobile and music to a crowd Bon Jovi fans. They turned to Audience Entertainment to create this connective experience.


During the Summer 2011 Bon Jovi concert at the Athens Olympic Stadium, a sea of 60,000 Bon Jovi fans participated in a record breaking Audience Entertainment demonstration. Using a single camera, Audience Entertainment’s iD technology was able to capture to crowd moving to sounds of Bon Jovi and the on-screen action. The audience controlled a paddle and ball in a brick breaking game played by waving their hands in synchronicity. The campaign provided real time engagement with the concert audience. Through the iD platform Cosmote were able to bring their brand to life in a meaningful way during the concert, and the audience were able to experience a completely unique 'support act' before the main show.