SXSW Gaming Awards 2014

SXSW Gaming Awards from Audience Entertainment on Vimeo.


The producers of the first ever, South By Southwest Gaming Awards presented Audience Entertainment with the opportunity to develop a group gaming experience that would be a part of the opening ceremonies for the awards show. Our objectives were to create a game that would celebrate the history of gaming as well as to promote the innovation and creativity that are the core principles of the SXSW gaming community.

SXSW Audience Edit


During South by Southwest (SXSW) 2014, the organization hosted its first-ever SXSW Gaming Awards. As part of their inaugural ceremonies, Audience Entertainment served as the opening act. Our contribution made sure gaming was the central focus of the awards ceremony by bringing attendees a motion-controlled, crowd-based game. The presentation relied on our proprietary iD Interactive Dimension ™, which harnesses crowd-inputs to create a unique cooperative gaming experience.

We looked to incorporate elements from retro games, which would appeal to the audience of gamers, game designers and developers attending the event. The hope was to breathe some fresh air into the classic gaming experience and give the audience a chance to re-engage their nostalgia.

Audience reaction was very positive as attendees saw the potential this type of technology has to bring interactivity to the big screen and large crowds. Many described the structured chaos of interacting with their fellow audience members as a fun, new way to engage with the screen and break the routine of awkward silence, preceding live events and movies.