Audience Entertainment Wins Gold at the 2014 Event

At Audience Entertainment, we believe playing together means winning together, and with that, we ask you to join us in celebrating our recent Gold Medal for “Best Audience Interaction” at the 2014 Event Technology Awards.


The prize was awarded for our interactive campaign at the 2014 South by Southwest Gaming Awards in Austin. For this campaign, we looked into gaming’s past to envision the interactive experience of the future. Inspired by the retro visuals and gameplay, we sought to infuse our game with the power of our iD Interactive Dimension Technology allowing the audience to relive the classic arcade experience in a full convention hall with an added twist cooperative play and motion-controls. The audience swayed their arms in tandem to navigate the game’s maze, collect points, and avoid enemies with a fusion of old and new school gaming.

SXSW GamingAwards Edit

In addition to the pride we felt winning such an honor, we would also like to congratulate Ketchum, Decibel Management, and M1 Interactive on winning the Silver Award for their “Get Your Billions Back America” campaign for H&R Block as well as Legacy Marketing Partners and MoZeus for winning the Bronze with their “Tic Tac Presents: The My Pack Tour” campaign for Ferrero USA in this year’s awards, and we look forward to seeing their work in next year’s competition.