Banjo Kazooie Wows Crowds at SXSW Gaming Awards


Following last year’s overwhelmingly successful opening performance at the 2014 SXSW Gaming Awards, the Gaming Awards team came to Audience Entertainment and challenged us to once again create a high-energy, interactive game that would generate buzz and increase audience excitement prior to the show.

2015 SXSW Gaming Awards


To really knock this year’s event out of the park we partnered with Rare Games, who provided us with their fan-beloved, Banjo Kazooie property. The game aligned perfectly with the SXSW demographic of gaming enthusiasts, designers and developers. The resulting experience was overwhelmingly popular at this year’s awards show with over a thousand fans on the edge of their seat asking to re-play the experience again and again.

Banjo Kazooie Game


Audiences at the Gaming Awards took to Twitter immediately following the experience, resulting in a number of gaming platforms picking up on the conversation and sharing it with their fans, resulting in a whopping 3.8 million impressions. Additionally many of the gaming companies attending the event shared the experience on their Facebook pages garnering an accumulated 4 million impressions.

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In The Press

The Banjo Kazooie experience at the SXSW 2015 Gaming Awards was picked up by a number of influential gaming media outlets, including Yahoo Games, Gamespot and IGN. Additionally the entire awards show was streamed by, a popular live streaming, video platform used by the gaming community, resulting in over 295 million views.

GameInformer SXSW Banjo Kazooie

Yahoo Games SXSW Banjo Kazooie