Front & Center Audience Awards


In partnership with Screenvision to celebrate the coming movie awards season, we teamed up to deliver an engaging voting campaign, for in-theater audiences, during Screenvision’s ‘Front and Center’ preshow. This campaign would incorporate both live and digital activations to build a deeper cinematic experience.



Audience Entertainment leveraged the awards season fervor alongside Screenvision, by producing the Audience Awards, which brought the thrill of the Oscar’s voting experience to the cinema audience. During the in-theater activation, audiences were presented with a selection of five popular movies to vote for by applause. Utilizing the audio sensors in our patented iD – Interactive Dimension technology, audience reactions were measured by how loud and how long they clapped for each film presented to them on screen. A weekly winners round up of the top most voted for movies across the country, were generated by our system and results were then posted on the microsite and @AudienceAward twitter feed.

Guardians of the Galaxy