Samsung Galaxy SIII Cinema Game


In June 2012, Samsung launched the biggest cinema advertising campaign ever across the United States. Audience Entertainment was tasked with highlighting the new tap to share feature of the Samsung Galaxy SIII handset for cinema audiences.


We created a first-of-it's-kind Stereoscopic 3D on screen Cinema Game where players waved their arms left or right to tap as many Samsung Galaxy SIII phones together and share photos together in real time. Our goal was to bring the features and capabilities to life on the big screen. What better way to demonstrate the next big thing than on the best big screens there are. The game was a great success and ran for 2 months on 53 screens across the USA in the NCM FirstLook pre-show feature.

In the press

The campaign also includes a first-of-its-kind 3D interactive crowd motion game, designed by Audience Entertainment, running at a limited number of theaters equipped with the necessary motion sensor technology. In the game, the audience has to work together to make two phones (which appear to be “hovering” in the ether) touch to share content -- thus demonstrating the key new feature again, this time with audience participation.