AquaDuck, Disney Cruise Lines


AquaDuck was the first nation-wide campaign of it’s kind and ran as part of the NCM FirstLook pre-feature programming and a promotion for Disney Cruises Lines. Audience Entertainment was asked to help five movie-goers the feeling of actually being in on a Disney Cruise Line ship, in a fun and engaging way.


The AquaDuck game gave audiences the ability to control Donald Duck as he wound his way down the water slide that wraps around the ship. A combination of live action HD footage and interactive elements created an on-screen experience where audiences across the country were physically swaying as they slid their way to the finish line. As audiences went down the slide they collected rubber ducks with Donalds feet, moving left or right in the slide to catch them. At the end of the campaign players were greeted by some familiar Disney faces before being invited to take a journey on a Disney Cruise Line Ship. The campaign ran in 22 locations across the USA on the NCM network at the end of 2011.

In the press

'This ad allows an entire group to experience the idea, while also capturing their attention with the game format.And of course it’s a cool departure from the usual ads folks are subjected to in movie theaters as they await the main feature.'