It is not my fault that you didn’t tell me. 20 years ago, you were 16 and your father and I would have listened.

“I built a mask of masculinity because as a child you told a doctor I didn’t measure up to the ideal of maleness you thought I should, and wanted him to give me medicine to “fix” me.”

I NEVER said such a thing to your pediatrician. HE said that you were in the (bottom) 10 percentile of “normal” growth. I asked ONE TIME if HGH would bring you up to average height & weight. I was concerned for your health. You were an underweight baby and in the lowest 10% for growth. I was a new mother being told by the doctor that this was of concern. I never thought you didn’t measure up, in any way.

I can’t write any more now. But you have remembered some of these things incorrectly. And you took my comment about how long it’s been to be that I expect you to come here. I don’t, eventho I didn’t know any of these reasons that you don’t come here. I am perfectly happy to come there to see you. And I hope to do that soon, if you still want to see me. I don’t expect you to let me stay there if it’s inconvenient. I’ll get a B&B. I just don’t have the money until I sell the Toyota. I didn’t expect to make you feel guilty because I miss you.]

” It’s upsetting that your takeaway from me writing 949 words about things I know you don’t know about me, is that *I* don’t know *you* better. Upsetting, but not surprising.

I obviously didn’t know her at all. And why should I? She never shared her struggles. She never asked for help to understand what was happening. She refused to participate in discussions that might have given her openings to ask questions.

You think you know https://hookupdate.net/sugar-daddies-usa/co/colorado-springs/ what’s going on in your children’s life(lives), but you don’t

After going through all of it with Perry, he said that what might have happened is that Ilde is around younger, newly transitioned people (her support group & possibly roommates) who are filling her head with their traumas and she is adopting them as her own. [I have seen it before with my stepdaughter.