Why Should I Buy A Smart Watch

In the last decade, big technology companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei have increased their efforts to clocks— smartwatches— making them more functional besides the primary task of displaying time. In recent days the uptake of smartwatches by fitness fanatics and youngsters has increased for obvious reasons.

These smart gadgets have numerous benefits besides been stylish. If you’re asking why I should buy a smartwatch, let’s get the details.

Endless customization options

Smart watch

Smartwatches come in varying shapes, designs, and sizes; this means you have a wide selection to choose from. Besides they have several features, you can customize, for example, the wrist bands. This is to say you can change the wrist band depending on the event you’re attending. If you’re going for a dinner or a sports event, you can change the wrist band to fit the occasion.

Waterproof smartwatches

Smartwatches are versatile devices that can be used for a variety of tasks, and most of them are waterproof. You can still have your smartwatch on even when in the sauna, in the swimming pool, or when doing water sports.

This means you’re able to get notifications no matter where you are. Additionally, you can use the smartphone to track your water activities. For example, you can measure your swim duration, measure heart rate and distance while swimming. If you want more details about waterproof smartwatches, or electronics see it on newrealreview.com.

Fitness tracking

If you want a device to track your fitness journey, then it must be a smartwatch. These devices are more adaptable than dedicated fitness devices such as Fitbits. A smartwatch can use multiple applications to personalize your workouts. You can track your weight loss journey and other vital health indicators such as heart rate and breathing rate using your smartwatch.



All of us like been connected and well-informed; a smartwatch will you do most of what you do with your smartphone without having to pull out your smartphone. With this gadget, you’re able to receive and make class besides receiving updates.

The primary function of a watch is to show time, but a smartwatch’s most crucial purpose is to show notifications and make accessing them fast and easy. You are able to get your social media notifications without picking your phone.

As you have seen from this article, smartwatches, have much functionality that will make your life easier. The above-mentioned are just some of the top benefits of smartwatches; the advantages of these devices are endless.

How Do I Prepare For Prk

Vision correction surgery has become increasingly popular over the last couple of decades, with new and improved methods making it incredibly safe and effective for the vast majority of patients. Most people have heard of LASIK eye surgery; in fact, it has become nearly synonymous with vision correction surgery.

But PRK surgery was the original laser eye surgery and is still used by eye doctors today. Here’s a look at PRK and how it’s performed.

About PRK

Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) was invented nearly 30 years ago and forever changed the idea that vision problems would haunt people for life. PRK was first performed in the United States in 1995, though it had been done for years in other countries. During the procedure, the surgeon uses a tool called an excimer laser on the surface of the eye. By removing small pieces of corneal tissue, the surgeon reshapes the cornea in a way that reduces or eliminates poor vision.


The surgery is ideal for either nearsightedness or farsightedness. Before surgery, your doctor will thoroughly examine you to be sure PRK is the right choice for your unique eye structure. Some eyes are better suited for other types of surgery, like LASEK or an Epi-LASIK procedure.

prk eye surgery procedure

PRK surgery only takes a few minutes. Your eyes will be numbed with drops, and then you’ll be positioned under the laser. You will be asked to look at a light while the doctor, using a computer, moves the laser precisely to reshape your cornea. Once one eye is done, he or she will move on to the other eye.

After a short rest, patients are able to walk out of the doctor’s office, though they shouldn’t drive themselves. The doctor will give you special contact lenses to wear to help your eyes heal, and eye drops to prevent infections and the second type of eye drop that will reduce the “sand in the eye” feeling that most patients get after PRK surgery.


One of the drawbacks of PRK is that healing and recovery time is typically longer than with LASIK or LASEK, as is the time between surgery and complete improvement in vision.

Patients usually notice an improvement in their eyesight within a few days, but full results take weeks or even months.

Most patients who undergo PRK enjoy greatly improved vision-often 20/20 or better-for many years following surgery. However, they remain susceptible to vision changes brought about by cataracts, presbyopia, and other age-related conditions, for which additional procedures may be necessary.

Is It Expensive To Live In Scottsdale

Before relocating or visiting Scottsdale, one would be interested to know whether or not it is expensive to live in Scottsdale. Well, it would be wise to review the aspects of life which make life expensive. Remember what is costly for you may be very cheap to another person.

You can have a look at the cost of basic needs in Scottsdale so that you can make a judgment on whether it is expensive or not.

• Housing


As long as you are living in a place, the cost of housing will always be a factor to determine the general cost of living. In Scottsdale, the cost of owning a medium-sized house is 230,000 dollars. The price or renting one bedroomed house, on the other hand, is about $1000.

If you choose to buy a home or rent, you now know the cost implication that you will be attracting. This is according to most Scottsdale real estate agent.

• Transport

It sounds like good news to you that in Scottsdale there is trolley transport system which will allow you to move around without having to pay a penny. Well, this makes Scottsdale sound cheaper in terms of the cost of living. This provision is scarce in most towns and cities.

• Senior care

This is a factor that you will never avoid as long as you want to stay in Scottsdale. You will start paying for senior care before you even start considering yourself as an adult. Every month, you are expected to pay $3,170 to cater to senior health care.


Other factors like food, electricity, and water, depending on your expenditure. What constitutes the cost of living is housing and healthcare. You are now in a position to determine the cost of life in Scottsdale is expensive or note based on your income. Your conclusion might not be the case of other people.

Can Your Eyes Get Worse After Lasik

Lasik is a surgical procedure that aims to correct vision problems in an individual. The surgeons use a laser to alter the shape of your cornea, giving you a proper vision. As a result, the procedure works as the best replacement for glasses and can yield a pleasant sight that is permanent. The same case as any other surgical process, Lasik will express some side effects that at most of the time will last not for an extended period. Only less than 5% of the patients will report cases of long term effects of the surgery. Among the possible side effects include;

Double vision: The first few days will have you experience challenges with your night vision. You may experience double vision, which lasts for a few days.

Dry eyes: For the first six months after the procedure, you might experience a lot of tears production. That makes you feel unusual dryness in your eyes.


Overcorrection: If your surgeon removes too much of the eye tissues, it may further damage your sight and even cause blindness. For this reason, we recommend that you consider taking only the highly qualified surgeons for an entire operation.

Flap Problems: if the surgery involves removal of the flap, it can result in several complications, such as infections and excess tears production. During the healing process, the epithelium may grow abnormally causing more issues in the vision.

Chances for blindness: There are no reported cases of people losing their sight as a result of Lasik procedures. However, it’s a possible side effect if the surgeon is not careful.

Lasik Procedures in New York City

New York is a city filled with professional eye surgeons in all its corners. All you need is use search engines and research on lasik eye surgery new york City. From the list, you can select the clinic with the best reputation.


The above possible risks should not keep you from taking the surgery. From the records, there is limited evidence that they occurred in the past. Therefore, Lasik stands to be the best answer to your vision problems.

How Do I Deliver A Keynote Speech

Imagine yourself delivering one of the most powerful keynote addresses. The admiration, the applauds, beaming smiles, and new flickers of hope among your audience will be beautiful flowers to behold.

But well, unless you understand how to deliver a masterstroke, you might not enjoy the offer the best to the audience. In this light, we explore five critical tips that will help in offering a masterpiece.

• Use a story


Designing your speech as a human story would be the best thing for you. These stories come in handy in lighting up the audience. Besides, keynotes filled with tons of facts and figures could be relatively boring to some people. Use different stories, visual ones, preferably.

• Highlight passion

Most people tend to respond to passion well, and positively so. Show that you re not only conversant but also passionate about what you say. While at it, your body language and eye contact game need to be at its best. You will also need to be audible and clear.

• Be audience-specific

Often, different classes of people want to hear different messages. To capture the fancies of your group, ensure that you craft a message that suits them. Strategize on how to deliver a punchline. Feel free to go through https://bruceturkel.com/ for more insights.

• Honesty and less pride


Any signs of dishonesty in your speech are likely to be a turnoff to most people. Whereas you will want to highlight some of your successes or failures, ensure that you do not come out boastful.

• Observe the energy

Usually, the audience will tend to showcase different energy levels. These differences need to tell you when to deliver a punchline and when to come up with a story. Respond to such energies accordingly.

Undoubtedly, you will want to deliver a keynote speech that not only highlights your brilliance but also appeals to your audience. With these few tips, you are likely to give the best.