So it isn’t the final day you to Cary Bates plays this trump cards

So it isn’t the final day you to Cary Bates plays this trump cards

Relax knowing no matter if, most of these threads could well be put along with her in the future situations

The view shifts to five days later on and Eiling provides retired himself to the fact that Master Atom try lifeless that will be judging the best time to tell the newest President; seriously he isn’t extremely troubled. Megala at exactly the same time actually very delighted in fact it is suffering out-of guilt and therefore manifest by itself since the nightmares offering an ex boyfriend-colleague Dr Sarrok and you will an accusatory Nathaniel.

Unbeknownst in order to Eiling, his aide, Homer Lockleed has continued to develop an abnormal fixation to the Peggy and you will, privy to their deep-routed thoughts out-of perceived abandonment by the her real father while the actual secrets of your Chief Atom investment, disguises himself as Nathaniel and you can tries to abduct the lady…

I know about Peggy’s feeling of abandonment and her opinion on the the girl conflicting feelings on her behalf genuine dad and you will action-dad, Eiling. We plus discover Megala’s is actually profoundly troubled because of the Nathaniel’s medication by Eiling additionally the Government and this he’s got maybe started team to a few shadowy mistreatment out-of a colleague in past times.

Most other contacts begin to means – Eiling’s relationship to Martin Lockheed, just who the guy feels he is able to jeopardize that have impunity. This problem is actually starting to link some of the dots, it’s just not one noticeable toward viewer yet.

Conclusion: It’s probably maybe not many action-packed issue we viewed so it much even when, short spoiler, Peggy’s help save is a good set-part.