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How to Drag Race a Motorcycle

Drag racing from a stoplight is something street bikers do all the time. In fact, it’s one of the most popular forms of street motorcycling entertainment. But how many street bikers know there’s a way to achieve a perfect 60-foot time and run even faster quarter-mile times with no need for a dragstrip?

Drag Racing a Motorcycle for Fun and Profit

In simplest terms, drag racing from a stop is done when you run your motorcycle on a street or road that has little to no traffic. You’ll need to find a stretch of asphalt that’s at least 1/4-mile long (about 1600 feet) to get a proper drag race time.
You’ll line up next to an opponent, signal, then open the throttle and attempt to accelerate your bike as fast as possible for a certain distance. The team that finishes first wins.

This is street drag racing at its purest form – no rules, no classes, just street bikers duking it out for street cred. You can do it with any street motorcycle capable of speeds over 100 mph – all you’ll need are the following items:
1) Competition Number Plate
2) Sturdy Footpegs
3) Proper Clothing
4) Optional Water-Resistant Jacket, Pants, Gloves & Boots
5) Appropriate Riding Gear
6) Valid Motorcycle License
7) A Trustworthy Mechanic or Bike Shop to Pre-Run the Distance

It’s also important to note that street drag racing is not street racing; street racing means street riding at unsafe speeds, typically above 80 mph. Street drag racing has nothing to do with street racing – it’s one of the safest forms of street riding you can take part in.

You’ll need to be wary of traffic, road conditions, and weather conditions. There are many stories about street drag races gone wrong – street bikers crashing due to an unexpected oil spill on the asphalt or hitting a patch of gravel. The point of street drag racing is to have fun and enjoy riding, not put yourself in a dangerous situation.

Here’s what you’ll need to do for you to street race your motorcycle safely:
1) Do some research beforehand so you know which street will be used for street racing. You’ll want one that’s at least 1/4-mile long – street racing on a street that’s too short isn’t safe.
2) Ensure street drag racing takes place in an area where there are few pedestrians and little to no traffic, yet plenty of room for both riders to safely race without getting into accidents or causing any road hazards.
3) Make sure before street racing begins that the street is in good condition and will support street racing at high speeds.
4) Never street race with any vehicle besides another street motorcycle.
5) If you’re street racing with friends, make sure they know how to ride safely and wear proper safety gear (long pants, long-sleeve shirt).
6) Always street race in a visible and legal racing number and in street-legal riding attire.
7) When street racing with friends, make sure they’re aware of the rules and regulations (beyond street-legal attire). For example, you might decide that passing isn’t allowed unless one rider is at least 100 feet ahead (safety first).
8) Always street race west to east (with the sun behind you if possible; street racing against the sun is difficult).
9) Do not street race at any time when it’s raining, snowing, or foggy. If it’s very windy out, street racing might be dangerous as well.
10) Street racing should have an official street racer oversee the street racing to ensure street safety.

Motorcycles street racing street statistics reveal that street motorcycle street racing doesn’t usually occur in areas where there’s a high public risk. Instead, street motorcycle street racing organizations prefer a street race where street traffic is minimal. Whether street racers participate in street racing with one person or a group of street bike racers, street racing organizations pride themselves on street safety and street action. In the AMA’s own words: “American Motorcyclist Association Street motorcycle street racing safety standards are designed to ensure street racers compete on safe courses.”

In short, street drag racing is fun and can be an exciting way to enjoy your street motorcycle – provided you follow the rules and street race safely.