I guess drivers in SF are relatively luckier in that we aren’t too focused on the $/mile and $/minute

I guess drivers in SF are relatively luckier in that we aren’t too focused on the $/mile and $/minute

We are in Uber demand central and it seems like everybody takes Uber so the app keeps buzzing so much so that I had to turn it off when doing other stuff for even just 1-5 minutes.

If T loves driving, he should give it a try and drive until at least he gets the bonus offer paid

The question I have for you is: How do you decide when to stop driving? At what point is it no longer worth your time anymore?

Since I don’t rely on Uber to make ends meet, I have the luxury of experimenting with different strategies. I live on a dense peninsula full of tourists and service workers in the hospitality industry, many who don’t own cars. This population density means I can sit at home and wait for pings. This isn’t as productive as driving to Gulf Blvd. and waiting near the big hotels, but the quality of life is better when I’m at home and can do other things between passengers.

Another strategy I want to test is absolutely not driving between passengers. When I drop one off, can I drive to the nearest shaded area and just wait? Will the downtime kill my hourly earnings, even though I’m saving on gas and other vehicle expenses?

My best day was Saturday night. I basically remained in a two mile radius the entire night, shuttling tourists to dinner and back to their hotel. Later in the night it was to the bars and clubs or to a concert. It was my best day in total dollars but also in most productive miles.

I’m quickly finding that tracking my paid miles versus unpaid miles will be the most important measure of whether Uber is worthwhile.

Kind of interesting insight from a social prospective….. It is good to be upper class. And sometimes we forget how bad things can really be.

Thanks for sharing! But yeah, I wonder about whether it’s worth it and I also have a lot of issues with Uber as a company.

The biggest risk is getting into an accident. It may take a good week to make $1,000, which is often the cost of a deductible.

It’s definitely something we are considering for T (he loves driving, we now have a new enough car, and heck he’s talked about wanting to drive taxis in the past)

I don’t love driving at all. But, I still had a pretty interesting/fun experience the first two weeks until I realized some things here and there that made me lose interest e.g. $33 gross fare to the airport, but it was really only $, etc.

I wonder what her, or anyone’s beste politische Dating-Seite “lot’s of issues” are. If you turn on the app and give someone a ride, then next Thursday they put money in your bank account. I will say my main issues are driving far to give someone a short ride, and driving into the city but having to return to NJ empty. Tipping would be nice, but a LOT of people hand me between $5 and $20. I ALWAYS say, “you don’t have to do that you know”, and they ALWAYS say, “I know”.

30k a year ( hrs per week) as a Uber driver is probably better than some other crappy jobs prospects.

I tried to find a post relating to this or email directly but couldn’t find anything. I see you mentioning alternative investments and I was curious what your thoughts on P2P investing sites like Lending Tree and Prosper were. I’m looking for a mostly passive income stream to supplement my day job and 2 rental homes and I’ve been interested in this market.