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Is It Expensive To Live In Scottsdale

Before relocating or visiting Scottsdale, one would be interested to know whether or not it is expensive to live in Scottsdale. Well, it would be wise to review the aspects of life which make life expensive. Remember what is costly for you may be very cheap to another person.

You can have a look at the cost of basic needs in Scottsdale so that you can make a judgment on whether it is expensive or not.

• Housing


As long as you are living in a place, the cost of housing will always be a factor to determine the general cost of living. In Scottsdale, the cost of owning a medium-sized house is 230,000 dollars. The price or renting one bedroomed house, on the other hand, is about $1000.

If you choose to buy a home or rent, you now know the cost implication that you will be attracting. This is according to most Scottsdale real estate agent.

• Transport

It sounds like good news to you that in Scottsdale there is trolley transport system which will allow you to move around without having to pay a penny. Well, this makes Scottsdale sound cheaper in terms of the cost of living. This provision is scarce in most towns and cities.

• Senior care

This is a factor that you will never avoid as long as you want to stay in Scottsdale. You will start paying for senior care before you even start considering yourself as an adult. Every month, you are expected to pay $3,170 to cater to senior health care.


Other factors like food, electricity, and water, depending on your expenditure. What constitutes the cost of living is housing and healthcare. You are now in a position to determine the cost of life in Scottsdale is expensive or note based on your income. Your conclusion might not be the case of other people.