Can Your Eyes Get Worse After Lasik

Lasik is a surgical procedure that aims to correct vision problems in an individual. The surgeons use a laser to alter the shape of your cornea, giving you a proper vision. As a result, the procedure works as the best replacement for glasses and can yield a pleasant sight that is permanent. The same case as any other surgical process, Lasik will express some side effects that at most of the time will last not for an extended period. Only less than 5% of the patients will report cases of long term effects of the surgery. Among the possible side effects include;

Double vision: The first few days will have you experience challenges with your night vision. You may experience double vision, which lasts for a few days.

Dry eyes: For the first six months after the procedure, you might experience a lot of tears production. That makes you feel unusual dryness in your eyes.


Overcorrection: If your surgeon removes too much of the eye tissues, it may further damage your sight and even cause blindness. For this reason, we recommend that you consider taking only the highly qualified surgeons for an entire operation.

Flap Problems: if the surgery involves removal of the flap, it can result in several complications, such as infections and excess tears production. During the healing process, the epithelium may grow abnormally causing more issues in the vision.

Chances for blindness: There are no reported cases of people losing their sight as a result of Lasik procedures. However, it’s a possible side effect if the surgeon is not careful.

Lasik Procedures in New York City

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The above possible risks should not keep you from taking the surgery. From the records, there is limited evidence that they occurred in the past. Therefore, Lasik stands to be the best answer to your vision problems.