Truly, many telling signal this isn’t really a genuine flagship product is the plastic screen on telephone’s straight back

Truly, many telling signal this isn’t really a genuine flagship product is the plastic screen on telephone’s straight back

But it’s in fact excellent Chinese dating sex – closer to the plastic utilized on the smaller Note20 than, state, the glossy material in the Galaxy A21. It really is matte, really does a fair job of repelling hand natural oils, and is available in six hues (you’re looking at affect Navy right here; there’s also Cloud perfect, Cloud Lavender, affect Red, Cloud tangerine, and affect White). The medial side rails include color-coordinated aluminum.

Even finer details tend to be right: the FE is actually IP68 rated, so you don’t have to child it. The phone’s vibration motor, normally a trap for less-premium products, are mercifully fine; it’s far through the most useful Samsung features, but it’s perhaps not distractingly noisy or soft. In the same way ok are the cellphone’s stereo speakers (one in the earpiece, one downward-firing). You may not need to hear music in it, nonetheless’re absolutely enough for speakerphone or a YouTube video clip.

Program, show, and battery life

Applications on FE is the one UI you may already know they – that is to say, colorful and sporadically overwhelming. Additionally, there are an abundance of pre-installed apps you may not worry to utilize, from Samsung’s redundant room of resources to Microsoft programs like Office and OneDrive to Facebook and Netflix. But this will be all par for the S20 training course, and a few of Samsung’s flourishes, like the sides sections that allow your put apps aside across the correct side of the display for quick access, are really helpful.

The S20 FE carried out well inside my times along with it. And it should: its Snapdragon 865 is a stone’s place from most powerful chipset in Android devices these days (that honor goes toward the somewhat faster 865+). Also due to that CPU, it really is 5G-compatible on all major United States companies – although precisely the Verizon-exclusive S20 FE 5G UW is mmWave capable.

You will find six gigs of RAM agreeable, that has me slightly worried about how phone will hold up in 2 to three decades. Eight would-have-been nice observe. Nevertheless, concessions must be made to hit the S20 FE’s price, and that I envision heading just a little light on memory space had been a smart one: because stands nowadays, the phone handles everyday jobs, video gaming, and multi-tasking perfectly better, and I also did not notice software receding of storage to some degree that slowed down me personally straight down.

Battery life was also actually remarkable. On my heaviest day’s evaluation, which present countless 5G need and getting many photos, I was able simply over five time of display screen energy (at 120Hz). On regular weeks, I noticed six to seven several hours. Should you fallen the refresh rates to 60Hz and are careful with your need, I would personallyn’t be whatsoever surprised in the event that you could squeeze eight hrs outside of the FE’s 4,500 mAh mobile.

It is possible to recharge the FE wired at to 25 watts (even though included charger is just 15), or wirelessly at doing 15 watts. Addititionally there is change wireless recharging around 4.5 watts.


Really don’t like Samsung’s image operating all in all, while the S20 FE was not spared through the businesses proclivity for untamed tones and wonky HDR. That said, it really is a rather competent Samsung player. It offers three back cameras: standard, ultra-wide, and 3x telephoto (one thing the regular S20 lacks), and in the best ailments, they’re able to all acquire some big photos.

The Exynos 850 within the universe A21s try efficient, but the performance try barely satisfactory. I watched lag in every little thing I tried to complete, whether it be opening applications, switching between apps, or visiting the homes screen. Pressing a hyperlink inside an app like Slack would sometimes trigger almost a two-second hold ahead of the internet browser started, which frustrated myself because I decided they slowed down could work. My personal overview unit have 3GB of RAM, although variant with 4GB RAM that people have actually within office in Netherlands isn’t best.